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I’m Sick of Eating this Sh*t

By Raphael | In Nutrition | on November 9, 2017

I was texting with my friend Cathy, and she asked what my next blog post was going to be about. I told her it was going to be about what I do when I don’t feel like eating the foods I normally eat. And that it came about because I had a few days when I would look in the fridge and say out loud, “I can’t eat this crap today.”

As a competitive bodybuilder, I tend to be rigid with my meals each day. Rigid and boring. I build in variety with the healthy food choices I make, but for the most part, I’m disciplined. There’s great benefit in this. No guessing macros or calories, the feeling of being in control, and great for weight maintenance.

But every now and then, I have a day or couple of days when I say, “I’m sick of eating this sh*t.

When one of those days happens, I don’t fight it like I used to. And it’s never really so extreme that I don’t want to eat any of my usual foods all day. It’s just that the drudgery of one or two meals gets on my nerves, and I’d rather just go out.

So that’s what I do now.

I don’t go off the deep end, but I’ll take myself out to lunch somewhere I enjoy and know I can find a healthy and tasty meal. There’s a farm-to-table restaurant nearby, and they have very fresh, incredibly delicious food. And none of it is like my stuff.

In fact, when Cathy and I were texting, I was having lunch at one of my favorite places in West Palm called Aioli. I was in the process of having this delicious turkey sandwich on 7-grain bread with nitrate-free turkey bacon (Yes, yes I know not all the nitrates can be removed from nitrate-free anything, but, hey, we’re talking one time here, folks.), red pepper, lettuce and an absolutely delicious light dressing they place on it.

I’m not a fan of their sides so I ordered some fruit with my sandwich. Farm to table, fresh and delicious, and most important, not my usual stuff.

This may happen another day in the week, so maybe Pam and I will go out to dinner. I’ll still choose a healthy option and order something like grilled salmon, rice and vegetables. It adds flexibility to my diet, but I know I’m still eating healthy.

I’ll do this for a day or two during the week when I’m feeling too restricted, and then I go back to eating the way I normally do. This of course can’t happen once I start getting ready for a competition, and I’ll go up to 20 consecutive weeks with no diversion. But that’s a different story altogether.

I thought that maybe if you knew what Mr. Inflexible Bodybuilder guy does when he’s feeling like this, that maybe it would give you a little strategy on how to handle it. There’s always a way to handle it, and we all have our own way of doing it.

The key for me is to balance health and diet, while remaining flexible.

What works for you?

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