64 lbs of body fat, GONE!

By Raphael | In Motivation | on March 26, 2013

“I feel like a new woman and could not have done this without you.”

64 lbs of body fat, GONE!  Rashmi’s email came to me on the day she hit the 64 pounds lost mark, an achievement she can shout out to the world and be immensely proud of!

A few weeks ago Rashmi agreed that once she hit goal, I would write a testimonial post about her journey. We agreed we would keep it real –  talk about how she started, her workouts, her meal plan strategy, and most important, the real struggles she’s had to contend with during this process. Some of those struggles were brought on by some major life situations, but some were self-inflicted. She never quit in the process and not once did she even mention quitting. There’s so much more to talk about with respect to her journey, but we’re going to save the juicy parts for later – when she reaches her final  goal.

So for now, here’s just a quick glimpse into what can be accomplished; a sneak peek at what you can achieve with direction, guidance, accountability and support, and an idea of what a 64 pound weight loss actually looks like…

I asked Rashmi, who is 5’3”, to send me a current photo and one when she was at her starting weight. In the “before” photo she’s 205 pounds and wearing size 16’s.

In the current photo she’s 141 pounds. She’s now a size 8!  Stunning, right?!

And she’s not done yet. As amazing as her transformation has been, Rashmi isn’t at her goal weight yet. She has a bit more to lose to reach her personal goal, but she is totally on track. There’s much more to come – Rashmi’s story will be complete very soon and I can’t wait to share.

Rashmi’s email telling me that she could not have done this without me made my day, but in truth, she is the one to be celebrated and congratulated for her amazing efforts!

Now it’s your turn. Let me help you reach your goal. I can’t promise it will always be easy, but if you do your part I will get you to your goal.

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