Get Abs Like You’ve Always Wanted

By Raphael | In Fitness | on April 3, 2013

The very best thing you can do to get sensational-looking abs is to manage your knife and fork. I’m still shocked by how many people believe that an ab workout is going to make their abs tight and small. If your waist is big, it’s because you’re carrying too much fat on your entire body. Losing body fat and managing food intake is essential in order to get the abs you really want.

As your body fat lowers, your waist will shrink, and as you work your abs with effective exercises, you’ll see them get tighter. Many competitors in the bodybuilding community will claim that “abs are made in the kitchen.” In other words, nutritional consistency and body fat reduction is your ticket to getting eye-popping abs.  I’ve found this to be partially true. The fact is, the abdominals are made up of various muscles that can be developed with proper training. When I began working my abs with increased intensity during my bodybuilding contest preparation phases, I discovered that my abs were visibly more prominent on stage compared to prior shows.

If you need help getting your body fat lower with effective nutrition or with proper workout design, reach out to me because I can help. If you’ve got that part covered and want a good ab routine, then try the one I’ve designed below.  Perform it as giant set. After completing the first exercise go directly to the next with no rest between, then the next, etc. After completing all the exercises, rest 45-60 seconds and do them a second time.  Your goal is to perform 12-15 reps for each exercise/2-3 days per week. If you can’t make the 12-15 rep range then just stop for a moment, catch your breath and keep going until you reach the recommended rep range. If you can surpass 12-15 reps, do as many as possible.

Hanging Leg Raises

Ab crunch, cycle maneuver, hip thrust (perform 5 repetitions of each consecutively)

In and Outs

Extended arm crunch

Oblique crunch (12-15 reps each side)

The takeaway message: In order to get great-looking abs you have to lose body fat, work your entire body with efficient exercises (weights and cardio), and train your abs 2-3 days a week with intensity.

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