No Time? No Excuse: The Workout!

By Raphael | In Fitness | on July 29, 2012

Time has you by the neck, and it’s squeezing the air out of you. Your latest claim to fame is, ‘I just don’t have time to work out .” Err, sorry, but you do have time. You have time because you’re going to make time.

I’ve designed a sweat-producing, calorie-burning, muscle-pumping workout that will take you 25 minutes or less to complete.

Perform all of the exercises in succession with no rest between exercises. After you complete the circuit 1A-1D), rest 30 seconds and repeat 3 additional times. Beginners should perform only 2-3 circuits. This workout can be performed three or four days per week on non-consecutive days or any day when you’re just super-pressed for time.


You’re not going to work every muscle group, and we’re only going to focus on four exercises. We have a very specific mission to produce a great workout in limited time. Believe me, you’re going to feel this:

1A. Leg Press – 15 reps

1B. Dumbbell Incline Chest Press – 15 reps

1C. Dumbbell Lunges – 15 reps each leg

1D. In and Outs – as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds

All sets should be taken to momentary muscular failure. In other words, your last rep on each exercise should be challenging to the extent that you would not be able to perform another rep. If the leg press is not available each time you circuit, choose another lower-body exercise and keep things moving.

Just because you can’t follow standard protocols of 30-45 min of cardio or working the entire body with strength training doesn’t mean you don’t work out. Don’t let lack of time stop you from doing what needs to be done. You’re stronger and more disciplined than you think you are.

Try the workout and let me know how you do.

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