Raphael Talks Food, Family & Lasting Success

By Raphael | In Motivation, Nutrition | on August 27, 2012

Take a peek into my kitchen! You’ll get a glimpse inside my fridge, my pantry, and learn a little about my approach to healthy eating for a lifetime. You’ll have to put up with some of my corny humor, but this is a great starting point for anyone who’s looking to eat better or lose some weight. If you need additional guidance, my eBook offers a full 60-day meal plan or you can work with me directly for an even more personalized solution.

Some questions for everyone:  What’s in your fridge? What are your staple foods and what are your treats? Tell me what foods you need to be careful with but that you properly portion and work into your day-to-day life? Please share!

6 Comments to "Raphael Talks Food, Family & Lasting Success"

  • Shantay says:

    August 28, 2012 at 8:32 am -

    Very informative! Thank you!

  • Lora says:

    August 28, 2012 at 8:34 am -

    Loved the video, Raphael! That instant white rice crap, though….boo, boo, boo. LOL I know it’s your lovely wife that eats it, though, and not you, but…..ick! Really, is there any nutritional value to it at all? It’s soooo highly processed. And WHITE. Does she know there are at least RTE brown rice little individual servings available in stores? LOL As far as convenience, every Sunday I make a 9×13″ pan of baked brown rice that husband and I eat on throughout the week. I thaw a bag of frozen peas/carrots and mix in with the brown rice, and store it in a big plastic container. We portion it out each morning for our lunches, usually mix in a can of solid albacore tuna packed in olive oil, oil and all b/c it’s good for you, too, and it’s our favorite lunch to pack for work. Where was the FISH in your fridge? LOL We eat a lot of tuna, tilapia, and swai….it’s relatively cheap at $5.99 for 2 lbs. I buy chicken breasts on the bone – this week they’re on sale for $.97/lb and yesterday I cooked three huge ones in the crockpot all day, which we ate last night with some of the rice/peas/carrots mix and some green beans on the side. Your refrigerator looks a lot like ours! Even down to the protein, eggs, and yogurt…although my yogurt is Greek. 😉 Love sweet potatoes, too…my favorite way to have them is roasted with halved brussels sprouts, drizzled with olive oil and sea salt. I’m all broccoli’d out at the moment, ugh. A big part of good nutrition is preparation and making your own real, homemade food. Our 6th grade daughter is even making and taking her own lunches to school rather than eat the crap they serve in school for lunch. I haven’t found a frozen dinner yet that I can feel good about eating due to all the preservatives and chemical additives, so I make almost all of our own foods. I can’t criticize your wife too much, though…she weighs about 50 lbs less than I do. 😉 You’re wonderful to do this video….oh, and since we aren’t perfect, you gotta talk to mama and share that cookie recipe with us! xoxo, Lora

  • Avatar photo
    Raphael says:

    August 28, 2012 at 9:24 am -

    Shantay – Thank you!

    Lora – Thank you and I love your feedback! Pam can’t stand brown rice (she lives with me, remember :)). I should have mentioned she only has it on occasion though.

    Ahh the fish in my fridge. I had my Carlson Fish Oil sitting right up on that top shelf and forgot to mention it. Salmon I have on occasion but I prefer the Carlson Fish Oil for my omega 3’s. I did that in one take and knew I was going to forget a few things here and there. Pam likes Tilapia too. Although I question the value of Tilapia and most fish because so much of it is farm raised. A lot of farm raised fish has PCB chemicals, antibiotics etc. Not all, but some. The food industry drives me crazy sometimes.

    I love this comment you made and totally agree! “A big part of good nutrition is preparation and making your own real, homemade food.” And look at the example you and your husband are setting for your 6th grader! That’s so great. That’s something else I could have brought up (setting an example for your kids). That will be for my next video blog.

    Ha ha hey I’ll get that kryptonite cookie recipe for you.

    I really want to thank you again for the great suggestions in your post. Somewhere, someplace, someone is going to read them and use those tips. That’s what it’s all about!

  • KCLAnderson (Karen) says:

    August 28, 2012 at 1:32 pm -

    I have those same exact egg whites!

    After seeing what you have in your fridge and pantry it occurs to me that I am doing pretty darned well in the food department!

    So good to see and hear you RC!

  • Avatar photo
    Raphael says:

    August 28, 2012 at 1:57 pm -

    Karen, I am not at all surprised that you’re doing well in the food department!

    Yes those egg whites are delicious.

    Thanks so much and always great to hear from you!

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