The Solution to “I Hate My Diet”

By Raphael | In Motivation, Nutrition | on January 28, 2013

“I hate my diet.” That’s what people start feeling when they go on a traditional “diet.” Let’s be honest: Dieting sucks.  We think we have to eat foods we hate, starve ourselves and that it’s about getting from point A to point B (i.e., When I lose these 25 pounds this ordeal is over, and I can start enjoying foods that I like again).

The other thing that trips people up is that most people aren’t disciplined. Hey, you have to own that fact if it’s true. And even though this may be true for many, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t options for losing body fat. In the bodybuilding community, we tend to know our macros (how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats that we consume). That’s our starting point. We then adjust those macros based on our goal. The problem is, bodybuilders tend to use this approach with non-bodybuilder clients, too. That’s what I did a few years ago, and it does work, but I learned over time that there have to be other options for people who just resist the counting macros approach.

Some coaches might say to a client, “You do it my way or take a hike!” But as an online coach and fitness professional, the questions I consistently have to answer are, “What is my mission?” and, “Am I doing justice to the mission?”

My mission is to help as many people to lose fat, get fit and build their self esteem as I can possibly reach. If I adopt an attitude of “do it my way or look for someone else to help you,” then I’ve forgotten my mission.

Since starting Fit by Raphael two years ago, I’ve learned a lot based on feedback from my clients.  This has guided me to a system that works beautifully. As part of this system, I’ve recently introduced the MealLogger program. This program is not for every client, because again, one method does not fit all. However, the MealLogger program has been working remarkably well. No need to journal food, no need to count macros, no need to count calories. So what is it?

MealLogger is a photo food journal that allows you to take a picture of your meal/snacks with your phone and easily upload it to MealLogger with the free MealLogger app. I then view your meal and make comments on it. The ultimate goal is to get you to lose fat based on foods that you enjoy and based on your lifestyle. It’s as easy as that!

Here are testimonials from two clients currently using the program.

Client 1 – Male, 40’s (lost 4.6 pounds in just over 2 weeks) – “Again going back to the overall theme – trying to make it realistic and workable and not be obsessed like I was on another program I did a few years ago – where I cut out all alcohol and cheats except for one day a week. It wasn’t sustainable, was obsessive and a little cranky too according to my girlfriend at the time.  This is working good for me, hasn’t been hard and so far great progress!”

Client 2 – Female, 50’s (lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks) – “I really do like MealLogger for many reasons.  Just the fact that I have to take a picture of my food and post it online (and know that you are going to comment on it) makes me feel more accountable and I am more cognizant of what I put in my mouth.  Also, MealLogger also helps me control my portions because now I actually look at my plate before I take a picture of it.  If my plate looks “over-full” I will actually put some food back before I snap the photo.  I find that MealLogger is a great tool if you’re are trying to eat healthier and/or lose weight.”

So, the next question is “How much is this going to cost?” If you’re interested in nutrition and customized workouts, then you can find pricing on the Online Services section of my site. However, if you already have a workout program and are only interested in MealLogger and my support, then I will create pricing for you. The program is so new I simply haven’t priced it yet. However, my goal is to make it very affordable. So please email me at and I will try to design something based on your budget. Please note, at this time I can only accept five clients at a time on the MealLogger program and two slots are already filled.

It’s time to make this your year, and it’s time to reach your goals. I can help.

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