Cathy Lost 115 Pounds!

“When I met Raphael I was convinced I was a weight loss lost cause and had essentially decided to walk away from ever having a healthy, joyful life. At the time I was ready to quit, he went out of his way to extend his hand and convinced me to give it one more try. He promised to stick with me until he helped me achieve my goal…big shoes to fill when you have over 100 pounds to lose.

Raphael was certainly true to his word and he saw me reach that weight goal, and more. Through my weight loss, my life has changed dramatically. Physically I feel amazing; I can do and have done many things I’d never imagined before. My body is healthy and strong now, where it was weak and beginning to chronically self-destruct. I have a new love for fitness in place of a total fear of movement, and I’ve gained the courage I need to actively and confidently pursue my dreams in place of passively living in life as it’s presented to me.

Amazing enough in itself, 100 pounds of weight loss, but what it doesn’t convey is precisely what distinguishes Raphael in a field full of mediocrity. Raphael offers a gift to those he works with that goes far beyond his years of experience and immeasurable knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and the human body. It’s in his remarkable passion for transformation and the uniquely personal approach he takes to make it happen. For me it was the patience and care he took to earn my trust and the time he put into learning what moved, motivated, frightened, and excited me. He was able to put all of that together along with a healthy dose of the truth to help me learn, change and grow stronger from the inside out – he taught me to trust and believe in me where that capability had never existed before.

I make my life what it is now – happy, healthy, joyful, confident – and I’ll never forget the gift I was given in Raphael that helped to make that possible.”

Cathy C., Boynton Beach, FL

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