Kirby Lost 30 Pounds!

“I cannot say enough good things about Raphael! He not only helped me reach my goal weight, but he also helped me learn how to deal with the stresses of life without turning to food. I became an emotional eater when my daughter was diagnosed with a chronic illness, and I gained 30 pounds that stubbornly stayed with me for about 10 years. After having very little success with weight loss on my own, I met Raphael online and he began to work with me. He monitored my nutrition and exercise closely and made recommendations based on my unique situation. I was diagnosed with asthma and had several previous injuries that prevented me from being able to adopt a “cookie cutter” diet and exercise plan, and Raphael understood those restrictions and was able to create a plan that ensured my success – regardless of my limitations. His compassion and concern for each person as an individual is a rare gift in the weight loss/fitness industry, and I know that I wouldn’t have been successful without his particular type of guidance.

I think the aspect of Raphael’s coaching that helped me the most was his ability to “get inside my head” and help me work through the emotional difficulties that inevitably come with trying to lose weight. Each time I experienced a setback with my asthma or a weight loss plateau, Raphael was always in tune to my emotional needs and was there to encourage me and motivate me. At those crucial times when things became difficult and I felt like giving up, Raphael was able to calm me down, put things in perspective, or do whatever needed to be done to get me back on track again. When life seems to get crazy now, I have the tools to deal with stress in a healthy way without turning to food. Raphael taught me how to do that and I will be forever grateful to him. He is the consummate professional, an outstanding coach, and someone who I am now proud to call my friend.”

Kirby, AL

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