“I started working with Raphael in 2006. He helped me through many weight loss plateaus to reach my healthy weight. Under his guidance I have learned that it is not just about weight loss, the process goes way beyond that. I have changed from the inside out on this long journey and have been so grateful to have Raphael by my side guiding me, motivating me, always pushing me forward and never letting me lose sight of my goal and fall back into the same old unhealthy habits. My biggest worry was that once I lost the weight, it would come back again. By teaching me (with great patience, I might add) slow and steady lifestyle changes, Raphael has ensured that I do not go back to my old ways.

Raphael found the time to individually respond to each of my questions almost instantly and would customize a program that would work the best. The personalized attention that he was able to give impressed me the most. He tweaked my workouts and nutrition on an almost daily basis to make sure I got the results I was looking for. He is a very honest and no-nonsense guy and I really appreciate that about him. His passion for helping people become healthy and strong and doing it the healthy way shows in his work and interactions with clients. He is very well-read and keeps his information up-to-date. He doesn’t just give you a program and ask you to follow it day after day. He asks for feedback so he can tweak it to fit individual requirements. He provides clear information on the whys and hows to make sure clients understand the logic behind the program. It makes the clients vested in their own weight loss journey and helps us to stick with it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Raphael and am looking forward to a continued great relationship with him. I have much more to achieve – marathons to run, bike races to do, body fat to lose, strength to increase – and only Raphael can help me get there!”

-Pratima P., Minneapolis, MN

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