Rashmi Lost 80 Pounds!

“I’m absolutely elated and overjoyed with the results I’ve achieved with Raphael’s help. Raphael possesses a mastery in fitness, weight loss and nutrition that’s very rare to find. He was always attentive to my concerns, answered my questions promptly, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him. The quality of care I received from him was outstanding.

When we started, I was 205 pounds, physically tired all the time, and truly stuck in the weight loss process. I had tried different programs and trainers but was never able to lose more than a few pounds. I had seen the results that so many others had attained by working with Raphael and knew that if anyone could help me, it would be him. That was the best decision I could have made for my health. I knew he was good, but I didn’t know he was that good.

Raphael has educated me tremendously about fitness and nutrition. He gave me strategies so I could stay on track with my nutrition in any situation, and when I hit a plateau in my weight loss he knew exactly what I needed to get my body to burn fat again. He never missed a beat.

Raphael structured a fitness program that challenged me at my level, that taught me about strength training, the importance of proper form and how to lift the right amount of weight. I also learned more about cardio, and how to get the most benefit from my time. He always held me accountable to my plan, so I could learn to be consistent with my workouts. I went from being tired all the time to feeling alert and energized. Raphael has a passion for fitness that is inspiring and infectious; this experience has brought back my love of exercise.

This is by no means easy, and if I was going off track he would not hesitate to be honest with me in order to get me back on track. But no matter what, he was always extremely positive and encouraging, and I couldn’t be happier with the tremendous support I received. Raphael believed in me and saw the best in me, and I now have a healthy and fit lifestyle that I know I can sustain. Did I mention I’ve now lost 80 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 2?!

I have an enormous sense of accomplishment by losing this weight, and working with Raphael has made me feel empowered in all areas of my life. I could not have done this without him.”

Rashmi M., Washington, D.C.

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