Tara Lost 100 Pounds!

“More than three years ago I was striving to find motivation to get healthy and lose over 100 pounds of fat! Not only did I accomplish what I set out to do, but through Raphael’s encouragement I have gone from barely being able to get off the floor to running several 5ks, a half marathon, and competing in two figure competitions!

Raphael helped me achieve these things and so much more. Because of his incredible knowledge and experience he taught me everything I needed to know about diet and exercise. With his patience and guidance I learned how to bring all of that new knowledge together for my particular needs. Raphael has the right mixture of compassion and straight-talking that opened my eyes to a lot of the underlying issues that were holding me back. He helped me confront my fears and push past my faulty beliefs that were limiting me.

The best thing I did was let go of my fears and distrust to allow Raphael to guide me through this process. Raphael has taught me to love myself through my weight loss journey, and through that love I am also a better wife, parent, and friend. I cannot imagine where I would be without this man by my side.”

Tara M., Piedmont, OK

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